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A Memorial of Memories

        Peter Varney, Rosemary's husband from 1992, wrote this note on February 8, 2000:  "Peter thanks all concerned for their messages of condolence for his great loss and appreciations of the loving qualities of Rosemary.  She had great love for, and was wonderfully empathetic with all she met, and this has been widely remarked.  My thanks and blessing to you all."

      On April 15, 2001, less than fifteen monthls later, Peter Varney himself died.  

Rosemary Varney, born Rosemary Wilson (on June 2, 1923), and from 1949 to 1992, Rosemary Zorza, died suddenly and peacefully on January 31, 2000.

Her husband, Peter Varney,  died equally suddenly and and peacefully on April 15, 2001.

Our memories of the two, of their honesty, insight and compassion, but above all of the joy they brought each other, are entwined for ever.


Memorial donations to Sobell House (the hospice at which Rosemary's daughter Jane died)
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P.L. Barrett , 81 Ock St., Abingdon, OX14 58G, UK

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