Letter from Graham Handley

I was so very sorry to hear of Rosemary's death last week.

She was a very good friend to me over a long period of time and I will miss her a lot.  In fact, we will all miss her a lot.  Visiting Rosemary and Peter had become one of the big landmarks on Alice's childhood.  Both of them shared a real interest in a wide range of people and events that always made them good company.

She was a talented artist and potter - our house has a lot of her things, some we use every day, and some we just enjoy looking at.  For along time, she put up with a lot of poor health, and was nearly always cheerful and optimistic.

When I think aback about her and 25/26 up and down, good and terrible, years that I have known her, I have a sense of someone with a real talent for friendship, and of someone who somehow weaved a community that spanned ages, creeds, colours, interests, lifestyles... 

I think this is a real achievement to be proud of.  If we live on only in other people's memories, then Rosemary will outlast us all.