Letter from Wendy Jones on Behalf of the British Russian Hospice Society

2nd February, 00

I am writing on behalf of the Society to express our sincerest condolences on the death of [Rosemary].

Although it seems a long time since I met her, I remember Rosemary as one who, like [her first husband] Victor [Zorza], was devoted to the cause of establishing the hospice movement in Russia. Indeed, I am sure that her support for Victor in his endeavours was a constant encouragement to him. It is certain that her co-authorship of their book, so widely read by people aspiring to create hospice in many parts of the world, contributed greatly to their understanding of hospice and its philosophy. In my own travels in Russia, I have met many doctors and nurses for whom that book is their only textbook.

Rosemary will be remembered, among many other things, for her part in helping to create hospices and hospice services where none existed before. 

Our thoughts and feeling are with you all at this time.

On behalf of the British Russian Hospice Society,

Yours most sincerely,

Wendy Jones