Encounters with the Decent:

Helpers in Survival, Search and Reunion

By Rut Wermuth

Encounters with the Decent is Rut Vermuth's account of her survival as a child during the Holocaust and, many years later, of her successful search for her brother.  In 1994, fifty-three years after they had last seen each other, she finally found him. He turned out to have become the British international affairs expert and hospice advocate, Victor Zorza.

The Polish version of Encounters with the Decent was awarded the David Ben Gurion Centenary Grand Prize in September 1999. The competition for the Award, organized by the Town of Plonsk in Poland, Ben Gurion's birthplace, and sponsored by many notables, including the President of Poland, attracted well over 100 entries from over a dozen countries.

It has now been published in Polish by Media Rodzina, the Polish publisher of Harry Potter.

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