Legal Information Access for Poor and Middle Income People, and for the Organizations that Advocate for them: 

A Comprehensive Internet-Empowered Plan

Richard Zorza, Esq.

Developed in Cooperation with the Chicago Kent College of Law 
The Law and Society Program of the Open Society Institute

Interim Report
Paper One:  Client and Community Organization Needs and Potential
Paper Two:  Legal Advocate Need and Potential 
Paper Three:  Content Provider and Aggregator Capacity, Need and Restructuring
Paper Four:  Private Sector Models and Partnerships
Paper Five: Emerging Technological Potential in Support of a Legal Information Infrastructure
Paper Six:  The Potential of Community Partnerships, Holistic Problem Solving, and an Integrated Delivery System
 Summary of Recommendations
Chart Showing Possible Portal Collaborators and Users
Chart Showing Possible Interactions Between Portal and Typical Collaborating Organization

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