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Publication Year Month Vol/No. Author Title Page
DVR 00 Oct/Nov 6/1 Mills, Linda G. The Case Against Mandatory State Interventions: A Reply to Evan Stark 1
DVR 00 Oct/Nov 6/1 Zorza, Joan New Understandings About Women, Welfare and Abuse 3
DVR 00 Oct/Nov 6/1 Lemon, Nancy D. Review of New York Symposium on Domestic Violence 5
DVR 00 Oct/Nov 6/1 Perry, Anne L. Recent Cases From Around the Country 7
DVR 00 Oct/Nov 6/1   Holding Child Protection Accountable: A Suit To Watch 9
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6 NOW LDEF U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down VAWA Civil Rights Remedy: U.S. v. Morrison 81
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6 Lemon, Nancy K. D.  Some Problems Still Faced by Battered Immigrant Women 81
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6 Zorza, Joan ABA Takes on Increasing Pro Bono Representation 83
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6   U.S. Supreme Court Puts Grandparent Visitation Laws Into Question 84
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6 Shiels , Marnie Rothschild  Spousal Rape Laws: 20 Years Later 85
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6   New Marerial on Marital Rape 86
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6   Further Consequences for Law Officers Who Batter 87
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6 Barnard, Linda S. Letter to the Editor 87
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6   Medical Watch 88
DVR 00 Aug/Sep 5/6 Perry, Anne L. Recent Cases From Around the Country 89
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5 Stark, Evan Do Mandated State Interventions Contribute to Woman Battering? 65
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5 O’Sullivan, Chris Estimating the Population at Risk for Violence During Child Visitation 65
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5 Waits, Kathleen Insights Into the Judicial Response to Domestic Violence 67
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5   An Award for Frank Ascione 69
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5 Perry, Anne L. Recent Battered Woman Syndrome Cases 70
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5   Violencia Familiar: Una Perspectiva Masculina 73
DVR 00 Jun/Jul 5/5   United States Supreme Court: Driver’s Privacy Protection Act Is Constitutional 80
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4 Zorza, Joan What Can We Learn From Navajo Peacemaking? 49
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4 Gross, Melissa, Elizabeth Cramer, Jamett Forte, Jill Gordon, Tara Kunkel and Laura Moriarty Court Sentencing Options and Recidivism Among Domestic Violence Offenders 49
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4 Kaufman, Gus B. Intervention With Abuse of Alcohol, Drugs and Women 51
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4 Shalala, Donna E. Letter From Donna Shalala 52
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4   New Tool for Stalking Victims 52
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4 Lemon, Nancy K. D. An International View of Domestic Violence 53
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4   Massachusetts Judicial Ethics Opinion Limits Judges’ Involvement in Coordinated Community Responses 55
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4   Three New Videos Aimed at Very Different Cultures: In Spanish, in Vietnamese, and for Police Training 55
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4 Moreland, Margaret R. An Easy Way to Track Legislation 57
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4   Evaluating Internet Resources 57
DVR 00 Apr/May 5/4   New Video on How Men Are Socialized for Violence by the Media and Popular Culture 59
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3 Perry, Anne L. and Lemon, Nancy K.D. Cases Involving Duration of Protection Orders 43
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3 Lemon, Nancy K.D. Release of Special "Family Violence Issue" 41
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3 Perry, Anne L. Debate Continues on constitutionality of Firearms Ban for Domestic Abusers 37
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3   Board of Immigration Appeals Sets Dangerous Precedent as Battered Woman Is Denied Asylum 36
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3 Kaufman, Gus B. Why Individual Therapy is Not Appropriate for Batterers 35
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3 Reina, Edward Jr. Domestic Violence in Indian Country: A Dilemma of Justice 33
DVR 00 Feb/Mar 5/3 Robinson, Michelle Elizabeth The Glue That Binds: Deconstruction of Walker’s Battered Woman Syndrome 33
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2 Gwinn, Casey Prosecuting an Abuser in the Military 17
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2 Runge, Robin R. & Hearn, Marcellene E. Employment Rights Advocacy for Domestic Violence Victims 17
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2   Three Recent Cases Split on Whether Warrantless Searches Were Justified 19
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2 Zorza, Joan Two New Stalking Books 21
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2   Applying to FACE To FACE 22
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2 Perry, Anne L. Recent Cases Around the Country 23
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2   State Statutes That Prevent Employer from Discriminating Against Abuse Victims 26
DVR 99 Dec/Jan ‘00 5/2 Murphy, Wendy Jim Brown Escapes Judgement by Blaming the Victim 29
DVR 99 Oct/Nov 5/1 Zorza, Joan The UCCJEA: Why Do We Have It and How Does It Help Battered Women in Custody Disputes?  
DVR 99 Oct/Nov 5/1 Belknap, Joanne, Dee L. R. Graham, P. Gail Allen, Jennifer Hartman, Victoria Lippen and Jennifer Sutherland Predicting Court Outcomes in Intimate Partner Violence Cases: Preliminary Findings  
DVR 99 Oct/Nov 5/1 Lemon, Nancy K. D.  California Appellate Courts Take Domestic Violence Seriously  
DVR 99 Oct/Nov 5/1 Perry, Anne L. and Joan Zorza Bread and Butter Issues for Survivors of Domestic Violence: Income, Employment and Housing  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6   New Insights into Ending Abusive Relationships  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6 Rosenfeld, Diane L. Why Doesn’t He Leave?: The Creation of Batterer Intervention Facilities  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6 Perry, Anne L. State Courts Consider Effect of Domestic Violence on Custody When Battered Women Relocate or Flee with Children  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6   More Cases Involving Violations of Protective Orders  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6   Two Recent Decisions Admit Evidence of Prior Bad Acts and Expert Testimony on Domestic Violence  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6 Lemon, Nancy K. D. Cultural Barriers to Domestic Violence Protection  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6   Recent Cases From Around the Country  
DVR 99 Aug/Sep 4/6   Internet Lecture and Discussion Series  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5   Fraternal Order of Police Loses Gun Control Challenge on Rehearing  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5 Goldschied, Julie and Joan Zorza Fourth Circuit Finds Civil Rights Remedy of VAWA Unconstitutional  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5 Zorza, Joan What Is Wrong with Mutual Orders of Protection?  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5   States Establish Programs to Assure Agency Compliance with Victims’ Rights Legislation  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5   Research Findings on the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5 Moreland, Margaret R. Exploring the World Wide Web for Domestic Violence Information  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5 Mohr, Wanda K. Gaps in Education of Health Care Providers Regarding Family Violence  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5   Shelter Sued Successfully in Very Troubling Case  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5   A New Book: Rethinking Violence Against Women  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5 Hartman, Henrietta H. Aggressive Prosecution Requires Money, Not More Mandates  
DVR 99 Jun/Jul 4/5   Welcome Supreme Court Decision  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4 Zorza, Joan PKPA Amendment Requires Involvement of Grandparents in All Custody Disputes  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4 Zorza, Richard and Joyce Klemperer The Internet-Based Domestic Violence Court Preparation Project: Using the Internet to Overcome Barriers to Justice  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4   Recent Elder Abuse Findings  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4   Getting New Social Security Numbers for Battered Women  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4 Perry, Anne L. Federal Courts Uphold Federal Criminal Domestic Violence Statutes  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4 Klein, Andrew R. Reply to Gentle Prosecution Article: Batterers See Acquittal as License to Abuse  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4 Perry, Anne L. Recent Cases Around the Country  
DVR 99 Apr/May 4/4 Lemon, Nancy Two Recent Symposiums on Domestic Violence  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3 Nisbet III, John B. You Call This Aggressive Prosecution: A Gentle Criticism of Current Practices  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar   Zorza, Joan California Appellate Court Seizes on Simpson’s Custody Case to Give Domestic Violence Greater Importance  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3 Lerner, Michelle and Joan Zorza What Advocates Can Do for Battered Women with Companion Animals  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3   Some Model Animal Sheltering Programs and Other Efforts   
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3   Court of Appeals to Rehear Lautenberg Firearm Case  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3   Model Police Protocol on Interstate Orders  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3   Some New Teaching Tools for Higher Levels  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3 Mohr, Wanda K. How Good Are Our Domestic Violence Data?  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3   Massachusetts Judge Disciplined for Improper Ex Parte Communication in Domestic Violence Case  
DVR 99 Feb/Mar 4/3   Two New York Lower Court Welfare-Related Confidentiality Decisions Troubling for Battered Women  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2 Stone, Audrey E. and Rebecca J. Falk Backlash Against the Abused Victim in Custody Disputes  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2 Lerner, Michelle From Safety to Healing: Representing Battered Women with Companion Animals  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2   A Preliminary Re-Look at the Police Arrest Replication Studies  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2   First Conference on Abuse of Gay and Lesbian Elders  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2 Zorza, Joan Health Watch  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2 Lemon, Nancy and Anne Perry Recent Cases Around the Country  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2   VAWA Continues to Withstand Constitutional Scrutiny  
DVR 98 Dec/Jan ‘99 4/2   Shelter Programs for Animals in Violent Homes  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1   Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1 Bancroft, R. Lundy A Critical Look at Janet Johnston’s Typology of Batterers  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1 Zorza, Joan There’s No Excuse: The National Public Education Campaign  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1 Lemon, Nancy K. D. Conflicting Commentaries on the Constitutionality of the Civil Rights Provision of the Violence Against Women Act  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1   How Receptive Are Battered Women to Being Offered Voluntary Support Services?  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1   Miscellaneous Cases Around the Country  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1   Courts Use Federal Prohibition Against Interstate Threats to Convict Domestic Abusers  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1 Perry, Anne L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon Courts Divided on Constitutionality of Driver’s Privacy Protection Act  
DVR 98 Oct/Nov 4/1   Prosecuting Without the Victim  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6 Wellstone, Sheila Washington Watch  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6 Cramer, Elizabeth and Janett Forte Factors Influencing Case Outcomes in Domestic Violence Trials  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6 Zorza, Joan Do Head Injuries Cause Wife Abuse?  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6 Perry, Anne L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon Courts’ Examination of Federal Prohibition on Batterers’ Possession of Firearms  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6   Different Types of Abuse Affect Victims Differently  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6   The Origins of Violent Behavior: "Ghosts from the Nursery"  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6 Zorza, Joan Workplace Violence  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6   Two State Courts Find Parent-Child Coverage in Domestic Violence Statutes  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6 Mohr, Wanda K. Bringing Together the Town and the Gown: NIJ Initiative for Practitioner Synthesis  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6   Municipal Liability for Domestic Violence Homicides  
DVR 98 Aug/Sep 3/6   Federal District Court in Kansas Finds Victim’s Statements and Appearance Alone May Constitute Probable Cause  
DVR 98 Jun/Jul 3/5 Cochran, Donald, Sandra Adams, and Patrice O’Brien From Chaos to Clarity in Understanding Domestic Violence  
DVR 98 Jun/Jul 3/5 Gondolf, Edward W. and Associates Do Batterer Programs Work?: A 15 Month Follow-Up of Multi-Site Evaluation  
DVR 98 Jun/Jul 3/5 Zorza, Joan Batterer Manipulation and Retaliation in the Courts: A Largely Unrecognized Phenomenon Sometimes Encouraged by Court Practices  
DVR 98 Jun/Jul 3/5 Perry, Anne L. Review of Custody Decisions Involving Domestic Violence  
DVR 98 Jun/Jul 3/5   Excellent Guide for Parents of Incest Victims  
DVR 98 Jun/Jul 3/5 Nisbett III, John B. Tennessee High Court Holds No Double Jeopardy Bar to Arson Prosecution after Contempt Conviction (Letter to the Editor)  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4 Currens, Sherry Kentucky Coalition’s Concerns About Mandatory Reporting  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4   Mandatory Medical Reporting: Pro and Con  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4 Fritsch, Travis A. and Kathy W. Frederich  Mandatory Reporting of Domestic Violence and Coordination With Child Protective Services  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4 Brown, Jennifer and Elizabeth Cronin Recent Domestic Violence Cases in New York  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4 Mohr, Wanda K. Refining Surveillance Activities on Intimate Partner Violence  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4   Effect of Domestic Violence on Distribution of Assets in Dissolution Proceedings  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4   Domestic Dispute Does Not Automatically Authorize Unconsented , Warrantless Police Intrusion  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4 Perry, Anne L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon Review of Recent Domestic Violence Restraining Order Cases  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4   Domestic Violence in Rural America  
DVR 98 Apr/May 3/4 Zorza, Joan Important Symposium on Relationship of Domestic Violence and Welfare   
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3 Wellstone, Sheila Washington Watch  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3 Goldscheid, Julie All Courts to Address the Issue Uphold Constitutionality of VAWA Civil Rights Remedy  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3 Perry, Anne L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon State Court Decisions Regarding the Use of Battered Women’s Syndrome Testimony  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3   National Stalking and Partner Abuse Studies Confirm that Men are the Aggressors  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3   Results of Australian Study of Stalking  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3   Recent Cases Around the Country  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3   Mostly Helpful Book on Family Law and Domestic Violence  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3   New Videos on Domestic Violence  
DVR 98 Feb/Mar 3/3   VAWA Protection Order Violation Conviction Upheld by Second Circuit  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2   New York Commission on Domestic Violence in Families  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2 Lutz, Victoria L. and William R. Slye Where Criminal Mischief is Not a Crime  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2 Perry, Annie L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon Five States Hold Criminal Contempt Does Not Bear Later Prosecution on Double Jeopardy Grounds  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2 Lemon, Nancy K. D. Rethinking Some Criminal Evidentiary Issues Raised in the O.J. Simpson Murder Case  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2 Zorza, Joan Our Clients May Affect Us: Vicarious Traumatization  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2   Recent Cases Around the Country  
DVR 97 Dec/Jan ‘98 3/2   Two More District Court Decisions Split on VAWA’s Constitutionality  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1   AMA Opposes Mandatory Medical Reporting  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1 Zorza, Joan Victims’ Rights Amendment Helps Battered Women More than Other Victims  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1   Stalking Study Shows that Most Stalking Involves Intimates, Seriously Impacts Victims, and Receives an Inadequate Response  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1 Mohr, Wanda K. The Cycle Goes Round and Round: Creating Batterers?  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1   Wife Rape: Ignored by Providers, More Devastating to Victims  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1   California Court Upholds Convictions for Threat Crimes  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1   U.S. District Court Broadly Interprets Federal Statute Prohibiting Batterer’s Possession of Firearm  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1 Perry, Annie L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon Recent cases Around the Country  
DVR 97 Oct/Nov 3/1   Violation of Restraining Orders as Basis for Burglary  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6 Mohr, Wanda K. Making the Invisible Victims of Domestic Violence Visible  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6   New York City and San Francisco Release Domestic Violence Homicide Data  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6 Bowman, Alana Establishing Domestic Violence Death Review Teams  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6 Keller, Jacqueline A Rebuttal to Lee Bowker’s Article on the Battered Woman Syndrome Index  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6 Bowker, Lee Bowker’s Response: On the Advantages of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Battered Woman Syndrome in the Courts  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6   Recent Cases Involving Battered Woman’s Syndrome  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6   Alaska Stalking Statute Upheld Against Constitutional Attacks  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6   New Stalking Statute in Texas  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6   Violence Against Women Act Section Prohibiting Inter-state Domestic Violence Upheld by U.S. District Court  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6 Perry, Anne L. and Nancy K. D. Lemon Recent Cases Around the Country  
DVR 97 Aug/Sep 2/6   Washington Watch  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5 Zorza, Joan Domestic Violence Seldom Considered in Psychologists’ Child Custody Recommendations  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5 Pearson, Jessica and Esther Ann Griswold A Preliminary Look at Client Experiences with the Good Cause Exemption to Child Support Cooperation Requirements  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5 Perry, Annie L. and Nancy

K. D. Lemon

Three More Stalking Cases Upheld  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5   Three Promising New York Tort Cases  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5   New Studies on Domestic Violence and Welfare Reforms; Many Welfare Reforms Constitute Human Rights Violations  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5   Mediation Regulated for Benefit of Domestic Violence Victims  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5   Washington Watch  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5   Stalking: More Books, More Knowledge, But No Easy Solutions  
DVR 97 Jun/Jul 2/5   Recent Cases Around the Country  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Massachusetts Court Refuses to Enjoin Statewide Registration of Domestic Violence Orders  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Domestic Violence in Other Countries and Cultures  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4 Zorza, Joan and Nancy K. D. Lemon Two-Thirds of Civil Protection Orders Are Never Violated; Better Court and Community Services Increase Success Rates  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Recent Cases Regarding Relationship Requirements for Domestic Violence Offense  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Louisiana Court Holds that Use of Filing Fees to Fund Domestic Violence Agency is Unconstitutional  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   North Dakota Statutory Presumption Allows Batterer to be Awarded Custody Only When Abused Parent is Unfit  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse as Factors Explaining Why Violent Crime is Rising Fastest Among Middle-Agers  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4 Wellstone, Sheila Washington Watch  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Courts Divide on Whether to Join Divorce and Abuse Action Arising During Marital Relationship  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   Minnesota Supreme Court Finds that Stalking Statute Requires Proof of Specific Intent  
DVR 97 Apr/May 2/4   In New Jersey, Batterer’s Failure to Obtain Counseling Justified Reinstatement of Restraining Order  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3 Dutton, Mary Ann Necessary Issues for Understanding Battered Women  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Firearm Restrictions if Convicted of Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Offense  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Abuser’s Rights Are Narrowly Construed Under Domestic Violence Protection Act: No Visitation Rights for Non-Father  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3 Lemon, Nancy K. D. and Annie Perry Admissibility of Hearsay Evidence Under the Excited Utterance Exception in Abuse Prosecutions  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Washington Court Finds that No-Contact Order Does Not Unconstitutionally Infringe on Right to Marry  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Texas Stalking Statute Found Unconstitutionally Vague  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Fifth Circuit Finds Sentence Proper for Interstate Domestic Violence Offense  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Sublessees Are Not Cohabitants for Domestic Violence Purposes in California  
DVR 97 Feb/Mar 2/3   Prosecutor’s Use of Expert Testimony on Effects of Battered Women’s Syndrome Upheld  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   When Abusers Choke Their Victims  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2 Bowker, Lee H. A Criminological Perspective: Redefining "Battered Women" for Use in Legal Proceedings  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2 Zorza, Joan The Implications of Full Faith and Credit for Protective Orders  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   African Americans Are No More Abusive Than Others  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   Pregnancy Calendar Admissible in Murder Prosecution  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2 Wellstone, Sheila Washington Watch  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   Texas Supreme Court Overturns State Stalking Statute  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   Expansion in California of Admissibility of Expert Testimony on Battered Women’s Syndrome in Self-Defense Claim  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   Review of Recent Domestic Violence Protective Order Cases  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   Florida Supreme Court Upholds Domestic Violence Court  
DVR 96 Dec/Jan ‘97 2/2   Florida Court Holds Weapons Search Justified in Domestic Disturbance  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1 Goldscheid, Julie, Pamela Coukos and Joan Zorza Federal District Courts Split on Constitutionality of VAWA Civil Rights Remedy  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1 Wellstone, Sheila Washington Watch  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1 Lemon, Nancy K. D. and Annie Perry Three More State Stalking Statutes Withstand Constitutional Challenges: Michigan, California and Illinois   
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1 Zorza, Joan Women, Welfare, Work and Battering  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   Recent Custody Cases Involving Domestic Violence  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   New York Requires Judges to Consider Domestic Violence in Custody Actions  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   Connecticut Court Finds Unborn Child Insufficient Basis for Protection Offer  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   Three Valuable Brand New Tools for Lawyers  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   Domestic Violence Agencies Lose Suit to Remove FCC Caller ID Protection in California  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   Minnesota Trial Court Erred in Finding No Evidence of Present Fear in Denying Order for Protection  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1 Blackman, Julie The Natural Limits of Good Ideas  
DVR 96 Oct/Nov 2/1   Connecticut Permits Permanent Protective Orders  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6   Stark and Flitcraft on Battering and Women’s Health  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6 Zorza, Joan Most Therapists Need Training in Domestic Violence  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6 Lemon, Nancy and Annie Perry Criminal Liability for Spouse’s Uninvited Entry  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6 Zorza, Joan Battered Women Behave Like Other Threatened Victims  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6   African-American Women’s Experiences With Abuse  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6 Blackman, Julie Lethal Families: Not Possible But True  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6   New York’s High Court Eases Relocation Test  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6   American Psychological Association Issues Position Report on Family Violence  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6   AMA Encourages Coordinated Community Response  
DVR 96 Aug/Sep 1/6   Massachusetts High Court Requires Findings in Custody Cases When One Parent Abuses the Other  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5 Friedman, Lucy N. Veterans of the War at Home  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5 Lemon, Nancy K. D. with Annie L. Perry Uniform Adoption Act Considers Domestic Violence in Placement and Termination  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5 Tsesis, Alexander V. Preventing Homelessness by Empowering Battered Women Through Vocational Opportunities  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5 Blackman, Julie Race Matters: Culture, Negative Culture and Family Violence  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5 Lemon, Nancy K. D. with Annie L. Perry Continued Litigation on Officials’ Duty to Protect in Domestic Violence Cases  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Recent Appellate Court Decisions Shape California’s Criminal Spousal/Cohabitant Abuse Provision  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   MOSAIC ™ Computer Programs Help Predict Dangerousness  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Even Some Children and Senior Stalk  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Turning Off Ex-Wife’s Phone Service Is Not Domestic Violence In New Jersey  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Unsuccessful Attempt to Use Battered Woman’s Syndrome Evidence as Part of Insanity Defense to Manslaughter Charge  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   New York’s Highest Court Allows Maximum Penalty for Each Violation of a Protective Order  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Washington Watch  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Information Needed About Battered Women Charged With Crimes  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   First Law Text Devoted to Domestic Violence  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   NFL Asked to Combat Abuse  
DVR 96 Jun/Jul 1/5   Disney Produces Children’s Video for ABA Commission on Domestic Violence  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   New Health Care Books  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4 McNeil, Heidi L. Disciplining Attorneys Who Have Battered Their Partners  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   A Typical Week of Restraining Orders in Massachusetts  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4 Lemon, Nancy K. D. Federal Courts Split on Police Tort Liability  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Spanish Version of Film Available  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Domestic Violence As a Basis for Asylum  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   New Jersey Holds "I’ll Bury You" and Profaning Spouse’s Lover Are Not Harassment   
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   First VAWA Interstate Violation of Restraining Order Crime Charged  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Civil and Criminal Courts Use Expert Testimony Regarding Battered Woman Syndrome  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Courts Split on Continuances and Acceptable Evidence  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Florida Courts Have Inherent Power to Punish Contempts of Their Orders  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Father’s Emotional Abuse of Mother Properly Considered in Child Abandonment Determination  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Minnesota Court Upholds Mutual Restraining Orders and Mediation Inappropriate In Domestic Violence Cases  
DVR 96 Apr/May 1/4   Religious Perspectives  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Medical Records Confidentiality Act  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Male College Athletes More Apt to Abuse Women  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3 Ward, Senlin E. Notifying Victims of Perpetrator’s Release: A New System May Save Lives  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   New Jersey County Joins VINE  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3 Lehrman, Fredrica L. Elements of Interpersonal Domestic Violence Torts: Some Non-Traditional Alternatives  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3 Blackman, Julie The Simpson Verdict and the Rights and Problems of Juries and Families  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Stalking Study Seeks Victims  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Even Strongly Worded Statute May Not Prevent Batterer From Receiving Custody  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Federal Court Finds No Protection Against Dismissal From Employment Due to Spousal Violence  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Eighteen of 21 Domestic Violence Bills Enacted in California  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3 Lemon, Nancy K. D. Decedent Wife Must Overcome Very High Burden in Wrongful Death Suit  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3 Jones, Ruth Domestic Violence and Forfeiture  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3 Wellstone, Sheila Washington Watch  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Honorable Mention for Fritsch  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Illinois Mandates Batterers To Pay Restitution to Shelters  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Courts Have Inherent Power To Punish Contempts Of Their Orders  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Contempt And Jail Appropriate For Restraining Order Violations  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Massachusetts Upholds Warrantless Domestic Violence Arrest  
DVR 96 Feb/Mar 1/3   Idaho Requires Mandatory Counseling for Batterers  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Domestic violence in the Jewish Community  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2 Adams, Sandra L., Nancy E. Isaac, Donald Cochran and Marjorie E. Brown Dating Violence Among Adolescent Batterers: A Profile of Restraining Order Defendants in Massachusetts  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2 Lehrman, Fredrica L. Elements of Interpersonal Domestic Violence Torts: Bringing Traditional Actions  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Attorney’s Fee Advantages of Suing in Tort  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2 Blackman, Julie "Battered Women:" What Does This Phrase Really Mean?  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Rabbinic Court Intervenes to Free Victims  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   The Seriousness of the Teen Dating Violence  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Iowa High Court Holds Battered Woman Correctly Held In Contempt For Letting Partner Into Home  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Medical Protocol Enables Victim’s Statements To Hospital Personnel To Be Admitted to Prove Batterer’s Identity   
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Assigned Counsel Problems Suggest Solutions  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   Training Makes Big Difference  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2 Jones, Ruth Battered Women’s Syndrome as a Cause of Action  
DVR 95 Dec/Jan ‘96 1/2   In Louisiana, Seven Incidents Over Six Years Constitutes History of Family Violence  
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DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1 Zorza, Joan Protecting a Battered Woman’s Whereabouts from Disclosure  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   FCC Issues Caller ID Rules For Interstate Calls  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1 Blackman, Julie Expert Testimony on Battered Women  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1 Jones, Ruth Domestic Violence Presumption in Child Custody Determination  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   Postal Service Adds Workplace Violence to Complaint System  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   Practice Tips for Attorneys Representing Victims in Domestic Violence Tort Litigation  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   Courts Divide on Importance of Domestic Violence in Custody Cases  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   State Supreme Court Decisions Uphold Stalking Laws  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   Medical Protocols Needed to Establish Paternity of Children Born Out of Wedlock  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   First Law Texts on Violence Against Women  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   Attorney Publicly Reprimanded for Domestic Violence Conviction  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   Prior Acts of Domestic Violence Admissible in Murder Case  
DVR 95 Oct/Nov 1/1   General Injunctive Relief Available to Victims of Domestic Violence  
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SAR 97 Sep/Oct 1/1 The Editor Editors Welcome
SAR 97 Sep/Oct 1/1 Murphy, Wendy J. Massachusetts’ Anti-SLAPP Statute Used to Dismiss Abuser’s Retaliatory Litigation
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SAR 97 Sep/Oct 1/1 Stalking Often Linked to Sexual Assaults
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SAR 97 Sep/Oct 1/1 St. Germain, Tonia  Court dismisses Cases When Sexual Assault Victim Too Sick to Testify
SAR 97 Sep/Oct 1/1 Panel Established in Massachusetts to Aid In Combating Retaliatory Litigation Efforts
SAR 97 Sep/Oct 1/1 Immigrant Wins Rehearing in Political Asylum Case in Which Bulgarian National had Been Sexually Assaulted